The term solstice comes from the Latin word solstitium, which means “the Sun stands still”. Solstices happen twice a year, first around June 21 and then again around December 21. On the June Solstice, the Sun is directly overhead in the Northern Hemisphere, while on the December Solstice, the Sun shines directly overhead in the Southern Hemisphere. The winter solstice in the Nothern Hemisphere gives the shortest amount of daylight of the year and it is the start of the winter season.

Do not let the short amount of daylight or cooler temperatures deter you from being outside. Enjoy nature in the winter by dressing appropriately. Layers are important to be prepared for various weather changes such as sun or lack of sun, rain, snow, wind, or elevation temperature changes. Layers allow us to keep warm without getting too hot, also preventing us from getting cold if we stop moving. Gloves, hats, water resistant shoes, breathable socks, a base layer (like long sleeve tee), an insulation layer to block the cold, a wind resistant layer, and a rain shell of some kind are a good start. Also remeber to keep food, water, and sources of shelter in your yard for other creatures we appreciate such as birds.


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