The Harris’ hawk is an intelligent and social bird of prey that is noted for hunting cooperatively in small groups, they will usually hunt for rodents, but will also hunt for lizards or smaller birds. No other bird of prey is known to hunt in groups as routinely as this species. Because of their social ability, they have become popular in falconry, as their intelligence makes them easy to train and bond with their trainer. The Harris’ Hawk is overall dark brown with rusty shoulders, wing linings, and leg feathers. They have a yellow patch at the base of the bill, yellow legs, feet and eyes. Their vocalization sounds are very harsh. They are native to the Southwest and breed from there south to Chile and central Argentina. They can be found generally in brushy savannas, arid woodlands, mesquite and saguaro-palo verde desert areas in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico. John James Audubon named this bird its English name in honor of his ornithological companion, financial supporter, and friend Edward Harris.


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