Plants adapted to living in dry environments are called a xerophyte. Xerophyte’s include succulents, pineapple, poinsettia, peyote, Barbary Fig, and many others. Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves. They include cactus, aloe, jade plant, agave, yucca, and more. Both agave and yucca are rosette forming plants. Agave generally have sharp spines on… Read More YUCCA


Scaled Quails are pale, gray or bluish birds with scale-like markings. They have a short bushy white crest. Scaled Quails can be found in the four-corner states, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and into Mexico. They live in arid lowlands with sparse shrubs. They eat seeds, leaves, shoots, berries, and insects. I found this Scaled Quail in… Read More SCALED QUAIL