The Gilded Flicker is a large woodpecker that lives in saguaro cactus forests in the North American southwestern deserts. They have a gray face and red mustache, looking similar to the “red-shafted” Northern Flicker, but with yellow wings like the “yellow-shafted” Northern Flicker. ┬áThe red is usually a western bird, while the yellow is generally… Read More GILDED FLICKER


Hedgehog cacti often grow in clusters. They are very spiny and have large flowers. The Engelmann Hedgehog cactus has long and multi-colored spines.┬áNamed after Dr.George Engelmann, a German-American botanist, who was instrumental in describing flora in western North America in the 1800’s. Also in his name are the Engelmann Oak, Engelmann Spruce, and Engelmann’s Prickly… Read More BLOOMING HEDGEHOG


“Spring, when the earth tilts closer to the sun, runs a strict timetable of flowers.”–Alice Oswald Penstemon’s are a native Arizona wildflower. There are many different varieties and colors.